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Book Appointment

Find nearest Vet and book your appointment in two clicks.


Upload prescriptions and pickup your medicine when ready.

Online Shopping

All pet supplies at one place. Secure shopping with one day delivery.

Pet Saloons

Find best grooming center for your pet. Book an appointment in just two clicks.

Pet Shops

Pet Shops

Ran out of pet food? Need immedaitely? Search for pet shops near you.

Pet Hotels

Pet Hotels

Travelling out of city? Dont worry. Book the nearest pet hotel. Genuine feedback for you to choose the best one.

Pet Sitters

Pet Sitters

Been extremely busy? Hire pet sitters who will take care and love your pets the way you do.

Pet Forums

Pet Forums

Have any query? How ever silly, just ask.

Buy & sell pets

Genuine and verified listing of pets for sale. One place to buy your loved pet.


There is no better way to get your loved one through adoption. Genuine and Verified listing for adoption.

Pet Events

Want to know about the most happening events in your city? Register and participate along with your pet.

Pet Taxi

Want to chauffeur your pets, Book in two clicks and we are there in no time.


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